Our Trips
ice fishing for trout in alaska on local lakes and remote lakes
Our Trips
Our Trips are customizable to suit your needs and desires. The trips we have listed below are basic trips and are family friendly. Extended days and areas can be arranged. If you want to target a specific Alaskan species that we dont have listed below, just contact us and we will give you the best options.
  1. Urban Trout
    Anchorage has numerous lakes, that are stocked annually. These lakes are great for Rainbow Trout, Land Locked Salmon and the occasional Dolly Varden. We can use fly or spin equipment. $100 per person for 4-5 hours
  2. Urban Salmon
    There are a couple of streams in and around anchorage that hold runs of salmon. This is a mid summer to fall fishery. Depending on what you are looking for we can go to streams that have lots of Pink salmon, that are a blast to catch and release with ultralight gear. Or we can target larger species with spinning gear, bait or fly rods. $150 per person
  3. Urban Ice
    Don't let cold weather keep you indoors. I have a set up to keep you warm on those bitterly cold days. This trip is around the Anchorage area or the Matsu Valley. Most of the lakes around Anchorage are stocked with Rainbow Trout and Landlocked Salmon. Some also have some larger Arctic Char. Catching multiple species on a trip is not uncommon. We will using quality ice fishing gear and technology to make sure we are on the fish. $250 for up to 4 people for 4 hours (no minimum groups 2 or less $100 per person)
  4. Trout from the Boat
    The Mat-Su Valley boasts some very trout hardy lakes and wild stock in many of them. Big Lake produces large Arctic Char, aggressive Rainbow Trout, the awkward yet delicious Burbot and the occasional Pike. We typically troll the lake looking for Arctic Char first, then target Rainbows. $250 per person for about 6 hours (or until we limit out)
  5. Kenai Sockeye
    One of the largest fisheries in the mighty Kenai River is the sockeye run. Sockeye salmon are some of the most delicious salmon you can get. The run starts to pick up mid June and many times goes into August. The bag limit is typically 3 fish at the beginning of the season and after the escapement is exceeded is generally liberalized to 6 fish per person per day. $250 per person about 6-7hours (2 person minimum)
  6. Mountain Grayling
    This is a 6.5 mile hike one way, that is fairly steep at the beginning. After the initial climb the trail flattens out. Once we get there the wind will tell us how we are fishing. Given favorable weather we will fly fish with small dry flies and some nymphs for large grayling. This trip could be turned into an overnight given enough advanced notice. Or we will hike in early in the morning and out midafternoon to try and be out before dark (during the peak of summer....Alaska never really gets dark). This is also in bear country so we will review bear safety and take precautions if we are camping to avoid unwanted contact with bears. $400 per person (2 person minimum) for day trip. if you want to camp. contact us and we will discuss options
  7. Fall Kenai Trophy Trout Hunt
    The Mighty Kenai River is known around the world for its abundant salmon runs, and some of the largest wild Rainbow Trout in north America. This trip is generally done by floating beads designed to look like salmon eggs with a strike indicator. $250 per person for about 6 hours (2 person minimum)
  8. Fishing with the Bears
    This trip is a walk in trip that goes up to the Russian River Falls. This is a 3 mile hike in, slight elevation gain. Most of the early run of sockeye that enter the Kenai River are migrating to spawn in the Russian River. At its peak you can see the salmon jumping up the Russian River falls. With large runs of salmon in a smaller stream, there tends to be a large population of bears. It is very common to be fishing with Bears in this area, and makes for good picture taking. We will go over bear safety before going on our hike. $300 per person (2 person minimum)
  9. Your Alaskan Fishing Trip
    The sky is the limit. What do you want to fish for? What time of the year are you going to be here? I am currently only guiding freshwater, but if need recommendations for a salt water guide, I can do that. If you want to fly out somewhere and fish, we can arrange one of the local air services to take us out and drop us off remotely and we can fish for many different fish. Just call us and we can talk fishing!!!